SenseGaN Technique for Power Converter Applications:


B.Sc. Graduation July-2010, University of Tehran, Iran:



M.Sc. Feb-2013, Politecnico di Milano, Italy:



Final presentation of M.Sc. September-2013, RWTH, Aachen-Germany:



M.Sc. Graduation April-2014, Politecnico di Milano, Italy:


Paper Presentation "NAPS-2015" October-2015, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Logic and Networks Lab, Spring-2016, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Systems and Electronics Lab, Spring-2016, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Final Presentation "IIP-KIT-2016" June 2016, KIT-Karlsruhe-Germany:



Internship, August 2016, ABB-Corporate Research Center, Raleigh-USA: 



Outstanding Graduate Student, 2017-2018, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA: 



Design and implementation of PCB Embedded Inductor for 5MHz, Jan-2015, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Design and implementation of AC-Stacked PV Inverters, 500kHz 300W Cascadable to 3kW, Oct-2015, Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:





Educational Power Electronics Board for DC/DC and DC/AC Converters Applications, September-2015, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Design of analogue controller for 1MHz GaN DC-DC Converter, December-2015, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:



Team Lead for Educational Power Electronics Workshop Series:



Design of novel zero current detection method using SenseGaN, February-2017, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA:





High Frequency GaN Power Converter-Digital Twin, 2016-2018, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte-USA: